PC and LAN IT Consulting offers computer and IT rentals at competitive rates to all types of businesses for all their short-term technology needs. Whether it is for training, events, exhibitions, seasonal business expansion, stocktaking or conferences our rental options are a cost-effective solution.

We also understand that every business has a unique requirement so we strive to compile a solution for your specific needs.

How it works

1. Contact us to get started.

2. Accept the quote.

3. Receive your items.

Why use us?

Computers are our bread and butter and we have been a provider and specialist of hardware rental for the last decade. We understand that each business has different requirements so we know how to help our clients with the best possible machines at the best possible price. Our aim is to provide our clients with their rental equipment as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians setup your equipment, load any extra required applications inhouse and then deliver your items to your door. Any additional required setup can be requested beforehand. In addition, we provide support for your entire event and are available to solve any hardware, software, or networking issue in fast, friendly and knowledgeable manner.